A.C.F is a contemporary gender-neutral streetwear brand with an eco and ethical ethos. Our company mantra is, “It’s better to do a little of something than a lot of nothing” and we are challenging the way most fashion labels are run. We see ourselves as ethical warriors and eco ninjas by changing the way we do business.

Equality and the environment is at the heart of our DNA, which is why most of our pieces are gender-neutral and all of our fabrics have been saved from going to landfills. We procure our fabrics from what’s known as “deadstock”, textiles that would otherwise be thrown away by factories. This also means that we eliminate gallons of water from our production process, and avoid using harmful chemical dyes.


Bold. Sustainable. Gender-neutral.

We use bold silhouettes and unique colour combinations to create pieces that last a lifetime, unlike our fast-fashion counterparts. No matter where you are in the world, we’ve got you covered! Our collections contain a mixture of trans-seasonal pieces that can cater to climates across the globe.

A.C.F’s design mission is to make chic streetwear for the ethically and environmentally conscious consumer. A brand that allows the consumer to dress in stylish, modern clothes, while contributing to a greener planet and promoting the use of recycled fabrics. By becoming an A.C.F customer, you contribute to our charity initiatives that help those in need.

Our designs are gender neutral, we do not constrain our customers to societal concepts and conformities, we also believe that sustainability should be the norm, not an aspiration.