Mr. Cooper, a.k.a @mrcoopersantics, in addition to being remarkably adorable, has a respectable 30K Instagram followers. A following he has earned through showing his superior style choices and an overall swagger sensibility.

“I dress up nice when I go to da office.”

Mr. Cooper

“I always like da statement accessories”

Mr. Cooper

Mr. Cooper loves mother earth and wants his fashion statements to reflect that. To celebrate National Pet Day, we have asked Mr. Cooper to come into the studio and style his favourite looks from our current A.C.F collection and share some of his style secrets.

Vacation Chill Look

For a day on the beach, all you need is something breathable, fashionable, and sustainable, and you’ll be cool as a cucumber.

Eddie Camp Collar Shirt

“Whenever I go on vacation with ma parents, I try to blend in with da hoomans”

Mr. Cooper

Date Night Look

The perfect Valentine’s date does not exi-

“I always impress da ladies with dis look”

Mr. Cooper

10 Minutes to Get Ready Look

When you only have 10 minutes to get ready before you go on one of your daily walkies but you still wanna dress to impress, this is a safe bet.

Felix Logo Tee and Apsley Backpack

“Dis outfit help me look ma best, but still say I love da environment.”

Mr. Cooper

Rapid Fire Q&A

“Black or Navy? Scratchies.”

Mr. Cooper

“Heels or Flats? Scratchies.”

Mr. Cooper

“Denim or Leather? Scratchies.”

Mr. Cooper

“Vintage or Ready-to-wear? Scratchies.”

Mr. Cooper

“Hopefully I find da wife one day.”

Mr. Cooper

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