After years of ridiculous instagram challenges such as ‘Planking’ or the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’, we finally have a new photo challenge that is doing good by cleaning up the environment!

 #Trashtag apparently came about in 2015, however has only in the past few weeks really started trending on social media platforms.

If you don’t know the concept behind trash tag, the rules are simple:

  1. Find a spot that needs to be cleaned
  2. Take a “before” photo
  3. Collect all the unnecessary waste
  4. Take an “after” photo and share!

A pretty simple idea that has taken the world by storm. People have been posting from all over the United States, Europe and even South East Asia. Now it’s the most wholesome challenge on the internet to date.

Starting from a reddit post earlier this week, this international garbage hunt has almost reached 29,000 post on instagram with the trend still growing.

Here are some of our favourite posts! Hopefully they inspire you to go out there and embrace #Trashtag 

The post that started it all

This one shows the reach of trash tag. This post is all the way from Nepal!

Students from Dimapur, accepted the #Trashtag challenge

Such a great way to bring friends together and do something wholesome and good for the environment!

Such a sense of achievement to see it all come together!


True beauty is found in clean spaces!


As #trashtag takes off, hopefully you may soon be greeted by clean parks, immaculate beaches and tidy streets. And if you have some free time, why not make an event of it! Get a group together and join in on this beneficial trend to help make our world a cleaner place.

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