As Beyoncé finely put it – Who run the world? Girls! 

This week A.C.F has been reflecting on some of the inspirational women that drive us and vehemently stand behind their values. These fierce women raise their voices on a daily basis on issues such as inequality, the environment and human rights, even going above and beyond one single passion.  

Here are our top 5 female inspirations:

Livia Firth  

Livia Firth is the co-founder/creative director of Eco-Age and the founder of the Green Carpet Challenge. As she was attending many Hollywood events with her husband Colin Firth she felt the need to use this as an opportunity to campaign about different environmental and social issues. Promoting sustainable and cruelty free fashion with a global reach makes her a inspiration to woman everywhere. Yes please, bring sustainability to the forefront of fashion!

Carry Somers & Orsola de Cas

Carry and Orsola are founders of the Fashion Revolution NGO. In 2013, the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh and over 1000 people died alongside 2500 injured in the catastrophe. Garment worker were ordered to return to work after cracks were discovered in the building, leading to the building collapse. This tragic event inspired Carry and Orsola to ensure workers are treated fairly and that our clothing is made in a safe and fair way by educating consumers of every stage in the supply chain. In only 6 years they have reached and educated thousands on worker’s rights within fashion.

We are 100% behind supporting our garment workers and transparent industries! 

Billie Eylish

Billie Eylish, other than being a prodigy in music, has broken down gender norms and with her millennial-chic-bright-minimalist style. She is showing men and woman everywhere that fashion is empowering and that we create our own identity through style. Additionally, in October 2018 she started a program selling her preloved clothes to support the PAWSITIVE CHANGE PROGRAM and the TREVOR PROJECT. Using style to pay it forward! Killing it!     

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is an advocate for women everywhere. After becoming a house hold name in the Harry Potter franchise, Emma has used her voice to speak up on issues of inequality. A determined activist, Emma is the UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador campaigning on gender equality for both men and women. Additionally, she was a huge promoter of Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge urging labels to convert to sustainable fashion practices. Is there anything this woman can’t do?    


Here at A.C.F we believe that every woman has the ability to achieve amazing things and should feel empowered to do so. May these awesome women inspire you to be an advocate for change, working towards a sustainable planet, to care for our fellow women and be true to yourself – no matter what.


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