Halloween revolves around lots and lots of treats, in order words an overload of sugary goodness. This year, why not try an alternative? We’ve gathered the most spookiest and delicious recipes for this festive season.

WARNING: Scroll at your own risk!

1. Bloody Cups by Elephantastic Vegan

Filled with a raspberry sauce these bloody cups make the perfect treat for Halloween! A vegan and gluten-free recipe with the need of only three simple ingredients – an ideal last minute recipe.

2. NAKD Graveyard Chocolate Mousse Pots by Wallflower Kitchen

Lemon poppyseed tombstone cookies paired with velvety chocolate mousse with a Nakd bar crumble topping. Simply by adding tombstone-shaped cookies, these mousse pots are turned into graveyard plots! A deliciously spooky dessert perfect for Halloween!

3. Vegan Chocolate & Marshmallow Ghost Cupcakes by Wallflower Kitchen

These boo-tiful ghosts look more like they’re the ones getting a fright, instead of giving others a fright. They are delicious and a wonderful treat so serve at Halloween time.

4. Halloween Rocky Road by Deliciously Ella

They’re unbelievably delicious. They’re sweet and chocolatey, and so easy to make too. The texture is incredible. A mix of gooey and chewy with crunchy bites of baked buckwheat in between.

5. Maple and Pecan Halloween Treats by Deliciously Ella

These are the best little Halloween ghouls! If you’re looking for a healthier take on a trick or treat sweet than you have to make these. They’re filled with sweet chocolate and roasted maple pecans, which together taste incredible.

Now it’s your turn. Have a go at these simple and incredibly delicious recipes. We at A.C.F would love to see your take on these vegan treats. Enjoy!

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