Domestic waste is a huge contributor to landfill, globally we throw away over 50 tonnes of household waste every second. There are great ways to reduce your contribution to this! What we may think is trash can have another lease of life in your home. 

  1. Wooden Crates.

These boxes may look plain, but they hold more potential than you realise! By painting them, piling them, or attaching them to a wall. You can revamp your home and give yourself some low budget storage.

Find some inspiration here.

Feeling guilty about throwing away your old textiles? Well worry no more with these stylish life hacks to reuse your rags.

2. Nostalgic clothing that you can’t bear to part with can clutter your home and make you feel stressed. Stitching them into a memory quilt is a wonderful solution to declutter without having to let go.

Learn how to make one here.

3.Another stylish use for old textiles is the braided rug! This is more simple than it looks and can add colour to any room!

Here’s How!

  1. Old or cracked picture frames can appear like a useless eyesore, but revamping them into a chic jewelry holder creates a useful storage solution and a decorative piece!

See how its done here.

  1. We can use several tins while cooking just one meal, the amount of aluminium waste can be overwhelming! Turn this problem into a solution by recycling your cans into holders for stationary, jewelry, or anything you like!

Find your inspo here

  1. Before you throw away your broken plates, consider livening up your garden by creating these beautiful mosaic plant pots. It adds a personal touch to your home while reducing waste!

Learn how here

  1. Add some sparkle to your home by doing this easy upcycle. Mason jar fairy lights have a certain magic to them, don’t you think?

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