I may seem like a super chill Aussie with a laid-back persona, but the truth is, I have an Anxiety disorder. This isn’t unusual, in fact, GADs (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) are super common in adults and I can confidently say that every business owner suffers from anxiety in some form or another. Some more info on Anxiety disorders here.

I am generally a very happy person and try not to let these anxieties affect my friends, family or the amazing people I work with but sometimes it seeps out, when it does, it comes out big time. So big in fact that it has a name; Tilka. Most of these “anxious” behaviors can be quite funny, such as:

–       Being antsy and bossy if I am late for…anything. Thinking about the possibility of maybe being late, even if it’s for something days away or has no particular fixed deadline. Makes a lot of sense, right??

–       When people don’t follow blatant life rules, such as standing to enter on the “exit” arrow on the train platform. When I see this, I can’t even deal! Said person will be lucky to walk away only receiving dirty side eyes. So, basically, no patience.

–       A constant need to stretch, this may mean I launch into a full on back bend mid-conversation. When this happens, just acknowledge this strange behavior and move on.

As funny as these behaviors can be for my family or friends, having anxiety is not funny. At all. It can be crippling to the point where even getting out of bed is a struggle.

Time after time, I was being told that meditation was the best solution, as I didn’t want to take harsh medication. But I was never one for meditation. My mind goes 1 million miles an hour and I would just get frustrated when I tried to “think about nothing”. I’ll be honest – I hated it. That was until I downloaded an App as a last resort. The cynical human that I am thought it was contradictory to use an app to meditate but within the first minute, I was hooked. It explained the process of meditation that made sense to me, and I could do it – Hurrahhh!

So, here’s the key – Imagine you’re sitting at the side of a busy Highway, there are cars and trucks whizzing by in both directions. The Highway is your mind and the cars and trucks are your thoughts, all the thoughts that come into your mind every minute, rushing by. On a daily basis, when these “cars” rush by, we follow them, until we get distracted by a “truck” going the other direction, and then another and another. When you are meditating however, you are sitting by the side of this busy Highway, you can see the cars go by, but you simply acknowledge that they are there, and let them pass by. You do not let yourself get distracted or follow any of these thoughts. This is meditation. My kind of meditation!

Try that technique out, you might find that it helps you sleep, or even get through a busy day.

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