It would be un-Australian of me not to like beer, and I’ll take up any excuse to sit in the afternoon sun and sink a cold one. So, in the name of research for a new blog post “Craft Beer Reviews”, I took the team for Friday (after work) drinks to one of our fave spots in the very trendy Sheung Wan area of Tai Ping Shan; Craftissimo.

Nestled away from the bustling Hollywood road is this super cool craft beer shop, with the perfect outside seating area to chill out and drink up, an array of 250+ beers from the best breweries in the world and two charming albeit a little awkward shop assistants who seemed questionably young to be working in a beer store. Their mantra is “good people drink craft beer”.
But, we’re not here to talk about the complexities of the male psyche; we’re here to give our – very amateur – reviews on three beers recommended to us. So, here we go!

Blacklight Banana

Siren Craft Brewery, England

Two young women walk into a craft beer shop and ask the assistant to suggest 3 beers to drink for a blog beer review, admitting they don’t know very much about beer. Cue, the Cheshire Cat-like smile and a knowing look is shared between the two shop assistants. When one asked “how adventurous are you feeling?”, we should’ve known better than to give him free reign. He picked the Blacklight Banana Beer by England based Siren Craft Brewery.

His description was that it is a “banana beer”, strong but delicious. It was the result of a collaboration between the brewery and Garage Projects for their annual “Rainbow Projects”. It wasn’t until we poured it into our three glasses that we realised it was a stout…hmmm, I think we’re in trouble. Although I have fond memories of drinking shandy’s when I was well under-age, I’ve never really been much of a fan of dark beers or stouts. We had our first sips and it was undeniably full of flavour. The rich coffee taste almost overtook any hints of banana, lots of dark chocolate and molasses flavours followed. It was very thick, almost syrupy and sadly, not our cup of tea. Perhaps better left for those hardcore beer drinkers or my brother – a lover of stout.

Classic Pale Ale

Young Master Brewery, Hong Kong

Boy, oh boy, did the shop assistant sell this beer to us! He named it his absolute favourite beer to drink, plus a local Hong Kong brewery AND in 2015 it was named the “Best Hong Kong-Produced Beer” at the International Beer Awards….truth be told, we accepted because we liked the packaging  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We had high hopes and it did not disappoint. A clean and crisp, easy drinking beer which is exceptionally balanced, versatile to drink in all seasons, all day and all night – a true classic. We all can describe it as a little fruity, floral and zesty but overall it is super refreshing, perfect for a Friday arvo bevvy.

Cock Of The Wok

Against The Grain Brewery, USA & Moonzen Brewery, Hong Kong

We were faced with a 650 ml bottle which widened our eyes at first, but upon tasting this light & refreshing draft beer, we were all fighting to top up our glasses. The Kentucky based Against The Grain Brewery and Hong Kong based Monzoon Brewery collaboration brings us a mildly sweet beer with notes of hibiscus, tea, malt with a pleasant grassy flavour ending. We all loved it! It’s the perfect beer for someone who usually doesn’t like beer and the perfect beer for someone who is a beer fanatic alike.

We work hard here at A.C.F and sometimes all we need is a little blog excuse to let our hair down and put our feet up!

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