Disclaimer – A.C.F does NOT encourage dishonesty or lying, lightly amplifying already existing emotions & circumstances is natural. We live in a culture where slight inconveniences are AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE.

If I’ve learned one thing in my 27 years of life, it’s that being shameless gets you places; exclusive event’s, free drinks, free food and occasionally – more often than not these days – a free flight upgrade. Now, these things don’t just run up and hit you in the face, no. You have to work for them. Not in a weird sugar daddy kind of way, it’s more of a sales pitch, a parlay, an insinuation. In plain English, you need to be ok with manipulation and being a general annoyance.

Become a storyteller, concoct a true and relatable reason as to why you deserve said seat/upgrade and always be nice, polite and emotional about your cause. If the mood is right and the waterworks start to flow, let those babies fall!

True stories that have worked for me in the past –

–       Honeymoon……Okay maybe I lied this one time

–       Essential that I sleep as I have a very early morning meeting immediately as I get off the flight (bonus points for shamelessly adding in that’s it’s charity related).

–       I’ve been delayed for 48 hours at the airport I need sleep…. In business class.

–       The man/lady next to me smells really, REALLY bad.

–       The man/lady either side of me are both rather large, I’m squished.

–       Name dropping – if you know any of the crew/any crew that works for said airline.

–       I’m completely petrified of flying – now this one you have to work a bit harder for because obvs it’s super common. Perhaps request a pre-meeting with the flight crew and pilot to legitimize your story. Consistently act like you are on the edge of panic attack and mention in an insinuative manner that perhaps more refined surroundings would ease your mental affliction.

Have a contingency plan – 2/3 free economy seats in a row are sometimes easier to swindle and can be just as comfortable if not more comfortable than premium economy or economy +. At each touch point detailed below it’s advisable to double triple and quadruple check that you can be given a free seat next to you; this will come in super handy if you fail your #upgradegame.

A few hints before you start

– Most airlines will only upgrade you 1 class

– If the plane is full they will not upgrade you – obvs

– Make sure you have a flexible ticket, this will increase your upgrade appeal.

– Sign up to airline points programs.

– At each touch point remember to check if upgrades are available for a price, if yes then you have a shot at getting one for free.

Good Luck!!





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