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From celebrity tattoo artist to textile designer to bohemian illustrator.


Jon Boy Tattoo

Celebrity tattoo artist Jonathan Valena, a k a Jon Boy is the apple of everyone’s eye for his ability to work single needles. Minimalism is at the peak of tattoo trends. (Helix, ear bone tattoos may be the newest FAD, but Jon Boy’s light touch is here to stay!)

Along with graffiti street art, installations, and site-specific structures, tattoos are making their mark (literally.)

artist Jon Boy tattoo Kendall Jenner Zayne Malik Gigi Hadid
@jonboytattoo Celebrity clients: Kendall Jenner, Zayne Malik, Gigi Hadid

Take it from Jonathan Valena, aka Jon Boy – NY-based tattoo artist who worked tooth and nail to master his art with ultra fine lines since 19. His art pieces may look simple but at the speed he writes, he’s a true master.

From afar and up close on every tattoo, the same thickness is maintained throughout 1 single continuous line.

artist jon boy tattoo birth year
@jonboytattoo each other’s birth year @imjennim @bengunsuk #jonboytattoo #revolveinthehamptons

Favored by females, Jon’s own handwriting lends a mystifying touch that so many of his followers love. From a distance, they look like shapes, a design that transforms a feeling, sentiment or thought into something that is tangible.

@jonboytattoo Side sternum a k a under boob tattoo

We love this artist’s work but also his inherent persistence to persevere. (Early in his career, he used to tattoo at biker rallies or at nightclubs that were far from glamorous.) The moral of the story is to overcome your fears and never give up trying.

His teacher used to say “If you’re not using the right machines, not the right depth, not the right speed, not the right inks, you can totally mess someone up permanently.” (Talk about pressure!)

So learn from him. If he can overcome that burden, so can you!


Kindah Khalidy

We’re absolutely in love with Kindah Kalidy’s free-flowing forms!

This artist experiments with textiles, painting directly onto fabrics. Whether created on canvas, furnishing or accessories, Khalidy’s art pieces are popular for her wild happiness that is translated through every brush stroke.

See her in action!

Using multiple paint brushes, marker pens, playful colors, and a mindful imagination, this textile artist + designer marks fluid lines to tell a story. In a nutshell, her abstract work, exposes the realness of life. The chaos, humor, humility, ugliness, perfection and moments of quiet that we all experience.

artist kindah khalidy studio

Her characteristic style is refreshing & joyful. Each piece explodes with striking colors in odd combinations.

Through creative release, Khalidy’s art pieces advocate feminism for all including herself.

“When I start painting, it’s not about how much makeup I have on, or how much my outfit costs—I think women especially need a break from all of that. We’re constantly being bombarded with ideas of what we should be like. Making art allows me to step out of my body for a bit and translate my ideas visually.”



Being unafraid to express yourself is where it’s at. Free up your psychological block and pile on the prints!


Faye Halliday

Celebrate the natural beauty of life with Faye Halliday – a self-made artist from London that brings attention to the simpler things in life with wall murals.

This artist calls upon all creatures of the earth to help her express beauty through linear work and bohemian flair.

Regarded the top interior design trend for 2017, wall murals can spice up your home or office with inspiration and motivation. This new concept takes the place of wallpaper and simple, plain colored walls.

Try getting lost in one of her artworks. Appreciate every line and detail connected to each other. It acts as a form of meditation to some and in a larger form, you simply can’t ignore it.

Halliday calls her artwork ‘haathi’, the Indian name for elephants, attributing her inspiration to the Indian Elephant Festival in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

She brings to life this honoring of elephants (a symbol of the Hindu deity Ganesh of wisdom) which are decorated head-to-toe in intricate paintings, headdresses, and colorful scarves.

artist Faye Halliday Wall Murals

Translated onto a big scale, wall murals have become her most acute form of expression.

artist faye halliday art instagram
Follow @FayeHallidayArt on her travels and new pieces



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